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Dharma Deepika a South Asian Journal of Missiological Research is an academic journal, evangelical in commitment, ecumenical in scope, global in vision, dedicated to open inquiry of issues related to the Church's mission in contemporary South Asia and published by the Deepika Educational Trust from Chennai, India. We are now in our fifteenth year of publication with a circulation exceeding 2000, two editions per year of 100 pages each of scholarly articles and reviews circulated throughout the English-speaking world. The readership consists of academics, university professors and research students, religious leaders, intellectuals and practitioners wanting to keep abreast of current thinking and literature.

DHARMA DEEPIKA is an instrument for dialogue in the context of contemporary South Asian cultural pluralism. As a periodical featuring various dimensions of missiological research and related academic pursuits, the Journal serves to integrate aspects of theology, history, anthropology, socialogy, religious and world-view studies as well as other dimensions of missiological research. The Journal is inter-disciplinary and provides a forum for open inquiry and dialogue on various social, cultural, religious, historical and contemporary questions from a Christian perspective as these impinge upon the Christian mission.

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