What are some of the themes to be addressed in coming issues? Readers might wonder. Writers sometimes ask, does Dharma Deepika accept unsolicited manuscripts? The answer is, Yes, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts. Essays of merit will be considered for publication. That is where the question of theme becomes all important. The editors generally have several different topics under consideration. If an essay happens to fit a theme that is under construction, it will almost certainly be given priority consideration. Other essays of merit will also be considered in due course for future editions. To help all writers—aspiring ‘new’ writers included— the editors have compiled a list of topics as possible forthcoming themes. Each edition of Dharma Deepika is built around a central theme.

     Every issue of 100 pages requires several articles related to the main theme. Budding new authors as well as established scholars are encouraged to send us their scholarly papers and essays for consideration. Information as to style and documentation format, along with examples, are found on the inside back cover of recent issues. Our ‘Guidelines for Articles’ is available upon request.

     Possible themes for future issues include the following :

  • Biblical, Theological Studies
  • Children at Risk
  • Civil Rights
  • Contributions of Marginalized Women
  • Conversion
  • Corruption & Response: Ecclesial, Political, Social…
  • Cremation and Burial
  • Emerging Churches?
  • Jesus Movements
  • Migration
  • Ministry and the Disabled [Physically or Mentally Impaired]
  • Mission to the West: Reverse Mission?
  • North East India
  • Religions Revitalised
  • Religious Freedom & Human Rights
  • Sanctity of Life Issues [Abortion, Infanticide, Surrogacy….]
  • South Asian Reformers
  • Tentmaking, Business for Mission, Marketplace Theology, Micro-Enterprise for Transformation
  • Transformation: Spiritual & Social.
  • Urbanization in South Asia: Issues to Address
  • Women and Violence
  • World Christianity
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