Academic programs

(i) Public Lecture Series –  One of the objectives of MIIS is to organize lectures on a monthly basis on contemporary themes in Christianity, Missiology, Theology & Education by inviting scholars and subject experts...


To publish research books, and a Journal covering important themes such as Multiple Religious Identities, Hindu – Christian Dialogue, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Conversion Debate and so on.


To develop scholars through indigenous and inter-disciplinary research in the fields of social, cultural and religion for transforming individuals and societ.

Prayer Ministry

Monthly Prayer Meetings are conducted, preferably on a first Saturday. Singing, Short devotion and mainly the prayer session for Prayer requests is considered important in the ministry of MIIS.

Pastors’ Ministry

It is a felt need to bring the Independent Church Pastors together for a conference and to introduce them to mission challenges and make them think collectively certain novel methods of effective evangelism and...

Intellectuals Ministry

It is a ministry wherein Professor, Research Scholars and Students are invited for intellectual exercises and discussions from time to time on current topics on Religions, Higher Education, social issues and so on.

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