(i) Public Lecture Series –  One of the objectives of MIIS is to organize lectures on a monthly basis on contemporary themes in Christianity, Missiology, Theology & Education by inviting scholars and subject experts for enrichment and awareness.

(ii) Academic Conferences – It is aimed to organize one day conferences on a topic directly related to Theology, Mission & Ministry in selected Theological institutions for the graduates of Theology.

(iii) Pastors’ Conferences – Another goal of MIIS is to organize a one day conference for the Independent Church Pastors in Chennai, on a select theme such as Evangelism and Mission Challenges, for this would be a platform for an intellectual exercise and for fellowship of pastors.

(iv) Leadership Training Program – The missionary commitment of MIIS is to organizes Leadership Training Program for College / University students as preparation for those who would like to serve  Christian organizations in the future.

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